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2012 GSSCC Nationals

2012 GSSCC Nationals

2012 Official Qualification Rules


  • 42(a) Minimum G (240) rating from one GSSCC Championship to the next;
  • 42(b) Canadian residents must be GSSCC member in good standing.
  • 42(c) Non-residents must be a member in good standing of a WUSV affiliated organization.
  • 42(d) Open to all registered breeds. The dog must be tattooed or Microchipped.
  • 42(e) The highest qualifying score of this trial will be referred to as the Canadian German Shepherd Dog
  • Champion.


WUSV Mandatory as of 2012, All Competitors must have a minimum of 80 points in each phase, and a minimum of 250 points total to enter.
  • 43(a) It is the handler’s responsibility to send in the Letter of Intent (as found in Shepherd Sports) to your Regional Director as well as the Team Canada Coordinator.
  • 43(b) Handler must submit the Letter of Intent in writing by July 1st preceding the Canadian GSD Championships.
  • 43(c) The team must compete at a Regional Championship successfully at a IPO 3 level with the same dog within the same calendar year.
  • 43(d) The dog must be pronounced at both the Regional and Canadian GSD Championships in protection.
  • 43(e) The top five (5) GSD teams pronounced in protection at the Canadian GSD Championships will be chosen to Team Canada. Should one of the top five decline, then the opportunity will be given to the next qualifying score in descending order until the five positions are filled.
  • 43(f) Special exemptions are no longer allowed.
  • 43(g) Handler’s must be a member in good standing of the GSSCC for three (3) consecutive years.
  • 43(h) Handler’s must be a resident of Canada.
  • 43(i) Handlers must be able to provide proof of residency upon request to the WUSV Executive.

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2012 GSSCC Nationals
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